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"Being a part of "Netmine Visions" from so long, company doesn't feel company and work doesn't feel like work anymore, it feels home. Having experience of other companies; from self-experience i can say that, the support i got here can not get that anywhere else. Working as a PROCESS TRAINER here I learn and train both at once. Love!



"Let's make our future now, and let us make our dreams; reality". These are the words I learnt from working with Netmine from so long. A growing family where everyone has their own role, putting them together, the management, makes this big family achieve skyline and go beyond. we think about each other, care and support one another. No task is big and no challenge is unaccomplished when you have such great people and  heaven like workplace. Hail Netmine! Live long!

Mohamed Habaza


My name is SURVA KUNDU. i am working with this organization from MARCH, 2018. Prior to that I have been associated with Xprezto for more than 8 years , started from process associate to team leader and handle Inbound to retain the customers and as Quality Analysts . here I joined as quality Analysts and doing verification also when needed. Joined NETMINE got a chance to work on different platform and also how to work under pressure. Always surrounded by passionate people having hunger to Learn, Earn & Explore. For me, it is the best company to work with who not only motivates junior and middle staff but also helps in every manner in all aspects of growth.


Having very good experience of more than 10 tears in BPO Industry. Here Handling IT Department & never feel i am working in an office, the environment and work culture is very friendly. Motivates new talent and gives opportunity to learn & earn. Senior management is totally supportive and helps in all aspects. "NETMINE" is nice place to work with colleagues & team leaders as they are always ready to provide their support. I truly appreciate the support & am very proud & satisfied to be a part of "NETMINE".



I have been working in this field for several years, I am passionate about what I do and it shows in my work and proven track record & learnt lot of things in "Netmine Vision". The more mistakes I make on them, the closer I get to be right. I can't just be perfect or a master of something by just studying it. But I can be master and perfect by doing and practicing over and over. Repetition is equals to greatness and success. "Perfection it's not magic, but it's the art of doing things over & over again."



I am working here since last more than ONE years and having many years of experience in BPO Industry. I have got lot of things from this esteemed organization as here the environment is very familiar for me. Joined this organization as a PROCESS ASSOCIATE & Promoted to TEAM LEADER & now I am handling the team and hitting the target every month. I try to give my best, as I feel here I am not working under boss, I feel I am working under guardians. I love NETMINE VISION COMPANY.



I have been working with NETMINE VISION MORE THAN ONE YEAR. I am having Experierience of BPO for more than two years. Netmine Vision company is a place for those who want to achieve a great height in their carrier. I joined here as a Sales Executive & then after 1 year I was promoted as a Team Leader. Success comes when you are truly passionate about what you are. the whole organization is so supportive and Management is superb .If you have something you want to do , want to learn , want to earn ,then this is the best place for you . Just let's give your dreams come true ,make your career with us & become a part of our organization ... NETMINE VISION.



This is my first JOB in International BPO COMPANY joined in 2017 as a PROCESS ASSOCIATE & Company promoted to as Team Leader in short time . I would like to say thanks to the management as they have shown faith on me and given me the opportunity to lead the Team and given me all possible support so that I can grow along with this campaign. The Best things about the company is the Good family environment and everybody helping each others, so "I suggest to new agent if you want to learn & earn the money and want to grow your career so here is the big opportunity for you all.